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Weeping statue – Wikipedia

In 2008, church custodian Vincenzo Di Costanzo went on trial in northern Italy for faking blood on a statue of the Virgin Mary when his own DNA was matched to the blood. In 2018, at the Our Lady Guadalupe Catholic Church in Hobbs, New Mexico, a Mary statue was reported to be producing tears.

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Praying the rosary is the passion of Christ thru the 5 mysteries gives us peace strength like Jesus… endured pain of life accept all trial Jesus underwent and the obedience of Mary to God to trust strong faith love and acceptance of the fathers forgiveness Waiting in lines in this world the rosary being said lessen boardome wearing the rosary prevent i ill thoughts change and hinders See More

Virgin Mary statue 'crying a single tear of blood' prompts …

Hundreds of ecstatic pilgrims are flocking to a statue of the Virgin Mary believed to be crying a single tear of blood. Images of the statue with a red liquid dripping down its cheek have been …

Weeping Statues, Paintings – Blood, Water, Oil – Crystalinks

Weeping Statues. A weeping statue is a statue which has been claimed to be shedding tears or weeping by supernatural means. Statues weeping tears of a substance which appears to be human blood, oil, and scented liquids have all been reported.

Mount St. Peter Church – Wikipedia

Mount Saint Peter Church is a Roman Catholic Church at 100 Freeport Road in New Kensington, Pennsylvania.The church is located along the Allegheny River and is approximately 25 mi (40 km) north-east of the city of Pittsburgh within the Diocese of Greensburg.

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Mary, Mother of God Mission Church The next step in our evolution was our local community being designated Mary, Mother of God, a Mission of Immaculate Conception. With the designation of Mission, the building of our first Church was undertaken.

The Skull of Mary Magdalene in St Maximin Basilica in France

The relics of Mary Magdalene encased in a bizarre golden reliquary. In the year 1279, excavations of the crypt beneath a small church in St. Maximin in France uncovered 1st century tombs along with a surprising find: a sarcophagus made of marble.

Weeping Statues Archive – The Miracles Page

Church officials are aware of the crying statue, but have no comment until an investigation can be completed. (Source: The Sun, USA) Benin (1997) On 1 April 1997 a statue in the community of the Franciscan Sisters in Gebegamey in Benin, Africa, began weeping tears of blood.

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David -Gianlorenzo Bernini -1623 -marble -italian baroque -unlike Donatello's he is engrossed in a moment of action -movement and portrayal of the body is very Hellenistic classical and idealized -new found movement and energy in a statue -the viewer is a participant in the action; viewer feels as though they are interacting with it

What a Rust Belt quest for a missing statue taught me about …

The Corpus Christi Mary had looked on as babies were baptized, couples married and coffins incensed and lifted from the church. She stood by as broad Irish accents gave way to the honeyed sound of …

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