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Virgin Mary statue stirs up debate in secular Uruguay – Crux

In Brazil, the Christ the Redeemer statue is the postcard image of Rio de Janeiro. Statues of the Virgin Mary in Bogota, Colombia, Quito, Ecuador and Santiago, Chile, stand tall on the cities’ hills as revered icons and major tourist attractions.

Statues of the Virgin Mary are surviving … – catholic.org

Is there a meaning behind all these miraculous events? With the recent spate of disasters, we have noticed several reported miracles of statues of the Virgin Mary surviving unscratched.

Apparitions and Appearances – Mary, Mother of God – Catholic …

Marian apparitions are sometimes reported along with weeping statuesof the Virgin Mary. However, to date only one single example of acombined weeping statue and apparition (namely Our Lady of Akita) has been approved by the Vatican and the rest have usually been dismissed as hoaxes.

The Virgin of Guadalupe, Extremadura, Spain | MAVCOR

Her proven efficacy in ending an epidemic in Rome made “this image” an appropriate gift for San Leandro, bishop of Seville, Spain. The Muslim invasion forced evacuation of the Guadalupe image to Extremadura where she was buried in a cave for safekeeping, only to be discovered 600 years later by a humble shepherd.

[MIRACLE] Statue Of The Virgin Mary Survives Fire Outbreak In …

Your source of Catholic Teachings … Home. Articles [MIRACLE] Statue Of The Virgin Mary Survives Fire Outbreak In Spain. … Statue Of The Virgin Mary Survives …

Spain: Catholics protest Ramadan prayers held by Virgin Mary …

Catholic Christians protested on Plaza del Triunfo in Granada, Tuesday, against the fact that dozens of Muslims had held their Ramadan prayer at the Jardines del Triunfo, a site they consider to be sacred, on Saturday night.

5 Statues of Mother Mary that are Unique (and Some Unsettling)

The photo apparently first surfaced in a WSJ article and the “Virgin of Breezy Point” was mentioned on several main stream media news broadcasts. The statue is a classical representation of Our Lady made unique by tragic circumstances. A statue of the Virgin Mary sits amid rubble in the Breezy Point neighborhood of Queens, N.Y., Tuesday.

Weeping statue – Wikipedia

A very small number of weeping statues have been recognized by the Catholic Church, e.g. in Syracuse the shedding of tears from a statue in the house of a married couple (August 29, 1953) was recognized by the Catholic bishops of Sicily on December 13, 1953.

Veneration of Mary in the Catholic Church – Wikipedia

Marian art enjoys a significant level of diversity, e.g. with distinct styles of statues of the Virgin Mary present on different continents (as depicted in the galleries in Roman Catholic Marian art). These depictions are not restricted to European art, and also appear in South American paintings.

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