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Religious Bronze Mary with Baby Jesus Statue Manufacturer

This bronze Mary statue is very exquisite. Mary is wearing a robe and is sitting. The baby Jesus is sitting on her lap, which is very naughty and cute.
Item No: TBC-07
Type: Bronze Religious Statues
Size: 160cm or Customized
Color: Bronze(Other Available Color)
Techniques: Casting Bronze
Packing: Sturdy Wooden Crate
Transportation: By Sea, Air, or Land

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Exquisite Bronze Mary Statue:

This bronze Mary statue is very charming. Mary is wearing a robe, holding the naked baby Jesus, holding the hand of baby Jesus with one hand, and putting the other hand on her leg. Her eyes are slightly drooped, showing the brilliance of maternal love. The folds of clothes, the joints of fingers, the delicate facial features, and the lush hair are all very delicate.

Bronze Mary Statue Details


Bronze Mary Statue Application Scenarios:

If you are a devout Catholic believer, then this bronze Mary statue is very suitable for you. You could place it in the garden, which could increase the sacred atmosphere, and also could be used to pray for the peace and prosperity of the family.

Bronze Mary Statue Application


Various Bronze Mary Sculptures:

YouFine has bronze Mary sculptures of different styles, colors, and sizes, such as a bronze Mary sculpture with arms crossed, a bronze Mary sculpture with a crown on her head, a bronze Mary sculpture with hands spread out, etc. Moreover, you could customize the bronze Mary sculpture according to your needs.

more bronze mary statues


Using the Traditional Lost Wax Process:

The casting of the bronze Mary statue requires the use of the traditional lost wax process. The lost wax process is an ancient and demanding process for artists and requires many complicated processes. Including making clay models, resin moulds, silicone moulds, modifying wax shells, making sand shells, welding, polishing, patina, etc. Our artists have decades of experience in bronze casting and could perfectly cast the bronze Mary statue without any flaws.

Exquisite Bronze Mary Statue


Various Material Options:

In addition to bronze material, we also have marble material. Bronze and marble materials each have their characteristics. We have the Marble Mary and Jesus Statue, the style is the same as the bronze Mary statue. It has a white appearance and is hand-carved from pure natural marble. In addition to this style, we also have many other styles of marble Mary sculptures for you to choose from.

Marble Mary and Jesus Statue

marble Mary sculptures


If you are interested in our religious sculptures, you could contact us directly and we would provide you with a favorable price.